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Welcome to GoGo, Cape Town, South Africa

The Capetonian’s choice for healthy convenience food. Our no-nonsense commitment to serving fresh, locally sourced, handmade, nutritious foods and outstanding coffee has earned us the reputation as the premium, healthy take-away for the busy professional. From mouth-watering salads, sandwiches, wraps and croissants, to muffins, smoothies, fresh juices and snacks, GoGo prides itself on delivering outstanding freshness, daily.
Pure Goodness

"Our mission is to serve the best coffee and the most delicious food in an upmarket and cheerful atmosphere."

− #EnjoyedFreshDaily

"Why this relentless focus on freshness? Our products have a one-day shelf life! So you won’t find any sell-by dates on any of our products."

− WeLoveGoGo


The GoGo Roast
Our coffee is 100% Arabica and exclusively roasted and blended for us by The Bootlegger Coffee Company. Roasted in small batches, our beans are the business and make for an amazing cup, any time of the day.
The roast précis. GoGo’s light and medium components of its roast are a secret combination of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and coffee beans from both Brazil and Costa Rica. Individually roasted, these beans add a bright and zingy flavour to the blend.
The dark roast component comprises of beans carefully selected from Indonesia, Guatemala, Rwanda and Costa Rica. The beans are roasted together, accounting for some 16% of the overall roast. This dark roast adds weight to the mouth, allowing the coffee to come across stronger, especially in milk based derivatives.
The finished GoGo Roast is medium to full bodied, showing dominant apricot flavours with undertones of honey, nuts and vanilla. The exclusive GoGo Roast is available from all our stores.


A quest for freshness - Our food story
The GoGo ethos? “Make the food we love and crave.” Our range is simple, fresh & delicious. We source only the freshest ingredients from select local suppliers, after all local is fresh and fresh is best. So don’t expect obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives. Our delicious foods are manufactured fresh every morning, so you get the freshest goodness – it’s that simple.
Equally fresh are our menus which get updated often. Speaking of which, feel free to tell us what you’d like to see on the menu – we’d love to hear from you!
Why this relentless pursuit of freshness? Our products have a one-day shelf life! So you won’t find any sell-by dates on our products, only the promise of fresh-made goodness.